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Here at DB Kidd Transport, we believe in giving back to our community. Fort McMurray has been home to our family for over 20 years, and has been very good to us. We know that people in our community are at all different intersections in their lives, and as such, some need more support than others. DB Kidd Transport has made several donations to local causes such as STARS, who with enough support could save a lot of lives and really make a difference in the health and safety of this community.

We have co-sponsored the 2011 Volunteer Recognition Event for the United Way. The work they do in this community is without boundaries, and the over 2000 volunteers they have are the cog that makes the big wheel spin. With over 60 programs supported locally, this is a noble organization, with a heart of gold. DB Kidd Transport is proud to contribute to the success of our residents and the United Way. We believe in our community.

For 2011, we also sponsored the Sno-Drifters group. They hold the same respect for safety that we do. We are proud to be involved with an organization that provides a safe, fun environment for members of Fort McMurray. Keeping our trails clean and safe is up to the Sno-Drifters club and their members. Supporting local groups is all of our responsibilities. We honor that role and are proud to be involved with such a great organization.


Mark, Debbie, Jackie and Justin Kidd

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